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Imperial College Applied Ethics Course

More than ever before, clinicians are confronted with complex ethical issues in their medical practice. These include disagreements between patients, relatives, and healthcare staff over treatment decisions, difficulties in obtaining informed consent, and issues of medical error, truth-telling and patient confidentiality. Recognising the growing importance of ethical awareness in medicine, the recent Ethics in Practice report of the Royal College of Physicians (2005) concluded that key medical personnel should be suitably trained in clinical ethics. Increasingly, formal examinations in medicine assess applicants on aspects of clinical ethics.The new Applied Clinical Ethics (ACE) course is aimed at practising clinicians and members of CECs, focusing entirely on clinical ethics and practical decision-making. Several of the speakers are both clinicians and ethicists. The convenient arrangement of modules, each falling on a Saturday at monthly intervals, will enable practising clinic…

First week of MPH Course

Any feedback on improvements that could be made to first induction week?

Handbook will be with you on Monday morning first thing, if you have not already got it.
Water - looking into getting a cooler near the MSc room.
Getting across to Charing Cross site - please discuss the best tube routes with people who got here.

Anything else?
Was there too much or too little?
What went well? What went badly?

Post your comments.

We will take action.