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Global HIV Policy

School of Public Health and Business School Joint Seminar: “Global HIV Policy”

Dr David Wilson, Global HIV/AIDS Program Director | The World Bank

David Wilson is the World Bank's Global AIDS Program Director and was previously the Bank's
Lead HIV Specialist. His work on HIV/AIDS spans almost 25 years. During his career he has
worked as a scientist and program manager in over 50 countries and published approximately
100 scientific papers.

His interests lie in HIV epidemiology, HIV prevention science and program evaluation. He has
developed prevention programs that have been recognized as best practice by the Wold Bank,
WHO and DFID, and have been influential in international HIV prevention science. In addition,
he has served as technical consultant and adviser to many international agencies, including

Date: Wednesday, October 24th

Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: St Mary’s Campus, Paddington, W2 1PG
Room: The Clinical Lecture T…

Could the Brazilian health model work in the Welsh NHS?

A Brazilian health model in which all households receive a monthly home visit regardless of need could be adopted in North Wales. Dr Matthew Harris, academic clinical lecturer at Imperial College London, said home visits in Brazil were made by community health workers who had one to two months' training. These workers covered small areas and were fully integrated into primary care.

See full article at GP Online.

Applying for the 2013-14 Imperial College MPH Programme

Thank you for your interest in the Imperial College MPH programme. The 2013-14 MPH course starts in October 2013. Applications for entry will open in November 201. I cannot tell you at this stage whether you will be eligible for the MPH because the decision is made by the Admissions Team when they have an opportunity to view your degree results and IELTS score if relevant. We generally require a First Class or Upper Second Class degree from a good university, or a medical degree. A good personal statement about why you want to undertake the MPH course is essential. Previous public health experience is also helpful. You should take the opportunity to find out more about public health, for example, from the FPH website (

We have several international student societies at Imperial to provide students with some peer support away from their home country. Do check out the visa rules before you apply if you intend to stay in the UK after the MPH as these opportunities are no…