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Travel Disruption & Exams

The MPH exam will go ahead as planned on Tuesday 27 April 10AM. The Health Economics exam will also run as planned on Friday 30 April at 10AM. Students who are not able to travel to the UK in time for the exam (s) will not be disadvantaged. We have now received notice from the College as follows: In the light of the unprecedented situation caused by the complete disruption to air travel in the UK and across most of the rest of Europe the College is proposing exceptional measures to ensure as far as possible that our students can progress or graduate more or less as normal.

Where students miss examinations caused by the disruption to air travel and can provide appropriate evidence of this, the Master’s Academic Regulations make provision for replacement examinations to be set later in the session where a candidate is prevented from taking an examination for other cause judged sufficient by the Graduate Schools. The Pro Rector as Chairman of QAAC has determined that the disruption is …