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National Healthcare Group Polyclinics Study Visit

From 16 -19 April 2013, a team from the National Healthcare Group in Singapore visited Imperial College to learn more about the NW London Integrated Care Pilot. A copy of the programme is appended below. The visit was hosted by Dr Josip Car and his team. Dr Car is an executive physician-scientist combining the roles of a Director of Global eHealth Unit at Imperial College, Director of Public Health and Primary Care at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and a practicing general practitioner. He serves in a range of other roles including as a co-director of the London (NW) NIHR Comprehensive Local Research Network, a lead director for the new Imperial GP Specialty Training, a research and primary care editorial adviser to the British Medical Journal, Board Member of Journal of Global Health; an Editor of the Cochrane Collaboration, and a member of the core group for the NW London NIHR CLAHRC.

Day 1: Tuesday 16th April 2013

Location:MWB Victoria, 10 Greycoat Place, London, SW1P 1SB