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Article published by former MPH student Dr Ji Bang

An article published recently in the Journal of Public Health by Dr Ji Bang, a former MPH student at Imperial College, reported wide variations in cervical screening uptake, both across primary care trusts (PCTs), and also at general practice level. Rates were lowest in general practices with high proportions of women who are young, non-white, and deprived. The study showed that the proportion of female patients aged 25-49 years, the percentage of black and ethnic minority patients, and the Index of Multiple Deprivation score were all associated with significantly lower rates of cervical screening in both PCTs and individual practices. In contrast, the percentage of female patients aged 50–64 years was associated with higher uptake of cervical screening.

In her paper, which was based on her MPH Summer Dissertation, Dr Ji Bang suggested thata multifaceted approach is needed that includes patients, physicians, individual practices and policy makers,” if cervical screening uptake is t…