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Summer Research Projects

We are now seeking summer research project ideas for the students taking the Master of Public Health (MPH) course.  The students have excellent qualifications in subjects such as medicine or biological sciences.  If you are interested in proposing a project please send an outline to Dr Christine Franey. An example project is appended below. For the titles of projects from the 2009-10 group of students, see the blog entry on this.

Summer projects ideally require statistical analysis of quantitative data or application of evaluation methodology or a systematic literature review.  We steer students away from projects that will require approval from a research ethics committee. Projects will run from mid May to end August 2011 - this includes writing up time. The list of ideas will be circulated to students before the Christmas break.  In the New Year students will be asked to approach supervisors for further information and to express an interest.

The research project is central to the M…

Stata Training

Following on from the recent Stata training, Andrew Dalton and Robert De Vries have some advice for those who would like to learn more.

An Introduction to Stata for Health Researchers, Svend Juul. Pub, Stata Press 2006
This is a useful book; covering from what Stata is/ does, syntax, basic commands etc, it then goes into some basic analysis and frames it in a way relevant to epidemiology. Around 10 of the 18 chapters are focused on introducing Stata making it a very good piece for the beginner.

Statistics with Stata (Updated for Version 10), Lawrence C. Hamilton. Pub, Cenage 2009
This book tries to explain how many of the techniques in an introductory statistical text book can be applied in Stata.

A Gentle Introduction to Stata, 2nd Edition, Alan A. Alcock. Pub, Stata Press 2008
This book spends more time explaining the elements of Stata prior to any analysis, then briefly some simple statistics.

Other resources
There are a large number of very useful online resources relevant to St…

Applying for the 2011-12 Imperial College MPH Programme

Thank you for your interest in the Imperial College MPH programme. The 2011-12 MPH course starts in October 2011. I cannot tell you at this stage whether you will be eligible for the MPH because the decision is made by the Admissions Team when they have an opportunity to view your degree results and IELTS score if relevant. We generally require a First Class or Upper Second Class degree from a good university, or a medical degree. Previous public health experience is always helpful. You should take the opportunity to find out more about public health, for example, from the FPH website (

We have several international student societies at Imperial to provide students with some peer support away from their home country. Do check out the VISA rules before you apply if you intend to stay in the UK after the MPH as these opportunities are now limited.

Our MPH students receive a rigorous training in epidemiology and statistics. The Imperial College MPH is a quantitative, res…

Research Dissertation Presentations

The MPH Dissertation Presentations will take place in the School of Public Health MSc Room at St. Mary's Hospital on Friday 24th September. The presentations start at 9-20.

HIV does not behave as other health problems in relation to social determinants in RwandaEnd Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) among adults in Arabian Gulf CountriesMeasuring the quality of child health care in general practice subtitle: Clinical indicators in EnglandPatient Centered Care: Bridging the gap between healthcare providers and patientsUse of historical and recent past climate and malaria prevalence data in order to determine their relationship over time and further to model future changes in malaria with predicited climate scenarios.Changes in causes of death in HIV-1 infected adults in Industrialized countriesThe relation between diet and pancreatic cancer in EPICAdherence to the WCRF/AICR Cancer Prevention Recommendations and Risk of Mortality in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutr…

Travel Disruption & Exams

The MPH exam will go ahead as planned on Tuesday 27 April 10AM. The Health Economics exam will also run as planned on Friday 30 April at 10AM. Students who are not able to travel to the UK in time for the exam (s) will not be disadvantaged. We have now received notice from the College as follows: In the light of the unprecedented situation caused by the complete disruption to air travel in the UK and across most of the rest of Europe the College is proposing exceptional measures to ensure as far as possible that our students can progress or graduate more or less as normal.

Where students miss examinations caused by the disruption to air travel and can provide appropriate evidence of this, the Master’s Academic Regulations make provision for replacement examinations to be set later in the session where a candidate is prevented from taking an examination for other cause judged sufficient by the Graduate Schools. The Pro Rector as Chairman of QAAC has determined that the disruption is …

Health Knowledge - A resource for public health students

HealthKnowledge was initially created to support Public Health Specialist Registrars and Multidisciplinary Specialists, who were taking the Faculty of Public Health Medicine Diploma and Part 1 Membership Examination. it has now been expanded to a more comprehensive public health learning platform. The site provides:

* an online public health textbook based on the Faculty of Public Health Part A syllabus.
* e-learning modules in epidemiology, health information, and statistics at practitioner and specialist levels which are accredited for CPD.
* a range of interactive learning modules in the form of audio podcasts with animated PowerPoint slides and supporting video components, Q&As, and further resources.
* downloadable teaching resources with PowerPoint slides, workbooks, and trainer notes.

International Public Health Group

Students from the MPH and MSc Modern Epidemiology have started the International Public Health Group to improve awareness and discussion of global health issues. The group will also provide opportunities to learn about international projects and organizations. For example, the with the help of Professor Salman Rawaf, the group has arranged a visit to the WHO Headquarters in Geneva.

NIHR / CNO Clinical Academic Training Programme

The NIHR / CNO Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship (NIHR C-DRF) is aimed at graduate (post-degree) nurses, midwives and allied health professionals sited in England who have at least 1 year’s experience of clinical practice since graduating; have had sufficient research experience or research training to prepare them to undertake a PhD; and wish to obtain a PhD by research whilst still developing their clinical skills.

Individuals who can demonstrate a role in, or contribution to, improving health, health care delivery or services are eligible. The fellowships provide funding for salary and research costs appropriate for a research training award.

Application packs and further information are available on the website of the NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre (NIHR TCC) at

Closing date for completed applications: 1.00 pm on Tuesday 27th April 2010