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Summer Research Projects

We are now seeking summer research project ideas for the students taking the Master of Public Health (MPH) course.  The students have excellent qualifications in subjects such as medicine or biological sciences.  If you are interested in proposing a project please send an outline to Dr Christine Franey. An example project is appended below. For the titles of projects from the 2009-10 group of students, see the blog entry on this.

Summer projects ideally require statistical analysis of quantitative data or application of evaluation methodology or a systematic literature review.  We steer students away from projects that will require approval from a research ethics committee. Projects will run from mid May to end August 2011 - this includes writing up time. The list of ideas will be circulated to students before the Christmas break.  In the New Year students will be asked to approach supervisors for further information and to express an interest.

The research project is central to the M…