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The Right to Health: A multi-country study of law, policy and practice

On the 24th August 2013, Professor Salman RawafWHO Collaborating Centre Director - and Dr Sondus Hassounah – WHO CC Research Assistant, presented the finding of their latest research on the Right to Health in the Arab World at the Irish Centre for Human Rights in Galway, Ireland. The Conference was a intended to show case the work of all those participating in the global study; The Right to Health: a multi-country study of law, policy and practice, which offers an in-depth assessment and comprehensive analysis of the ‘Right to Health’ in the Middle East and North Africa, with particular emphasis on the role of Health systems in providing Universal Coverage for Health (UHC) and Health Care.

This study focuses on the implementation of the right to health at a regional and national level. The project brings together a set of experts from different parts in the world, which each analyse the implementation of the right to health in their country or region, thereby focusing on a particu…

Applying for the 2014-15 Imperial College MPH Programme

Thank you for your interest in the Imperial College MPH programme. The 2014-15 MPH course starts in October 2014. Applications for entry will open in November 2013. I cannot tell you at this stage whether you will be eligible for the MPH because the decision is made by the Admissions Team when they have an opportunity to view your degree results and IELTS score if relevant. We generally require a First Class or Upper Second Class degree from a good university, or a medical degree. A good personal statement about why you want to undertake the MPH course is essential. Previous public health experience is also helpful. You should take the opportunity to find out more about public health, for example, from the FPH website (

We have several international student societies at Imperial to provide students with some peer support away from their home country. Do check out the visa rules before you apply if you intend to stay in the UK after the MPH as these opportunities are n…

Congratulations to the 2012-13 MPH Prize Winners

The winners of the 2012-13 MPH Student Prizes were Monica Koo (Best Student Prize) and Caitlin Collins (Best Dissertation Prize).Congratulations to both Monica and Caitlin for their excellent performances.

As part of her MPH thesis this summer, Monica Koo looked at the association between access to primary care and emergency admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSCs) across GP practices in England. Extended opening hours was used as a novel measure of access, alongside components of the GP Patient survey. Under the supervision of Chris Millett, Susan Hodgson and Tom Cowling, she found that practices with more positive patient perceptions and experiences of access had fewer emergency ACSC admissions. In comparison, the number or type of extended opening hours (early morning, evening or weekend) was shown to have no significant association with the rate of emergency admissions at practice level. The study indicated the potential of the GP Patient Survey as a measure to…