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What does the Imperial College MPH offer?

The Imperial College Master of Public Health programme provides a comprehensive introduction to public health for students intending to practice in public health or related fields. This course represents an exciting focus for the Division of Epidemiology, Public Health and Primary Care in the Faculty of Medicine. The course follows a shared path with the MSc in Modern Epidemiology in the first term. It offers a cutting edge knowledge and skills base for both non-medical and medically qualified students. It is particularly suited to students who wish to pursue a career in public health research based on quantitative analytical skills. Objectives of the course are to teach students how to:

- Design, analyse, interpret and evaluate epidemiological and biomedical research.
- Demonstrate an understanding of the essential principles of modern biostatistical methods.
- Apply current research methods in key areas of chronic disease epidemiology, infectious disease epidemiology, and environmental…

Malika Ahmad - Former MPH Student

We are always interestd to hear from our Alumni. We recently heard from one of of our former students, Malika Ahmad, that she had been successful in obtaining a Research and Training Coordinator post with the Aga Khan Health Service in Pakistan (AKHSP), a branch of the Aga Khan Development Network. Malika informs us that AKHSP - in collaboration with GAVI ALLIANCE and the Government of Pakistan - is working on an 18 month project related to maternal and child health. This is an intiative by the GAVI Alliance to see if public-private partnerships work in developing countries where infant and maternal mortality is high. Pakistan was chosen as one of the 10 pilot countries and AKHSP was chosen as the implementing Civil Society Organisation (CSO). Malika will be working in an underdeveloped area known as Tando Allayar in the province of Sindh. The project was launched in Hyderabad on August 4th 2009. Read the press report.